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1st Vietnamese Wholesale Credit Card
Processing Company in the U.S. And Nail Salon POS Specialist

Sale: 770-599-7777
Support (Call/Text): 770-441-0190
3751 Island Avenue Suite 201-202C Philadelphia PA 19153

Free Equipment & Supply

Secure Terminal with High Speed Internet and Phoneline Backup

24/7 Eng/Viet Support

Call or Text 24/7 with Vietnamese or English. Unlimited Support - all for free

Connect with Nail Salon POS

Simplified Employee Ticket Creation and Payment Process on Your Nail Salon POS System


Special Rate For Nail Salons.
No Contract. Lowest Rate Guaranty

Next Day Deposit

Backup by Merrick Bank of UT.
Except Holiday & Weekend


Quick, Simple, Secure to Take Payment With Mobile Phone/Watch

PAX S80 Terminal - Nail Salon POS
Verifone VX520 ETH/DIAL Terminal - NAIL SALON POS

Frequently asked questions

Yes, absolutely. You have two great choices: opt for our competitive rates or let us match your existing rate—whatever suits you best. Our customers prefer us for our outstanding support in salon management and adore our user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing POS system compared to other providers. 

If it sounds like it’s too good to be true, maybe it is. Please use your best judgement. We’re a wholesale company, we can match any rate or even lower, however, we do not match rate with Scam Artist. Please check our my video about Scam https://youtu.be/ZHYCGHZI8qI

Each account will get 1 free (borrow) terminal. We will replace it for free when it’s broken. Bigger salon will require more than 1, please talk to your agent depend on the size of your salon. 

Yes, for tech support and daily task, it’s best to call tech support at 770-441-0190. However, for pricing and sale, please call your agent. They are your personal assistant and will go out of their way to make things faster for you with special pricing. It’s better to build a relationship with your agents for emergency support. DPS is a great company, however, you can only get better treatment from an agent that already know you. 

Our company are in support of going green and saving trees movement. We will provide you with an online login for you to access your statement and online reporting anytime. 

Our clients say

I'm an accountant by trade and Max have gave me the best price around. He's able to save me thousands of dollar per year. I stayed with him through multiple salons now. He's always there when I need him. Great agent.
Chung Mai
Piedmont Nails Bar
We're a 30+ tech salon in FL. We've been using the POS the last 3 years and we love it so much. It made our life easier. Max also gave us a very low price compare to our previous company. We have stayed with him til now.
Chau Tran
Bellagio Nail Spa
When I first know Max, he was able to save me $600 per month, it was unbelievable and that was 4 years ago. I'm still with him today. I did tried somebody else who told me lower, but ended up that was a scam and I switched back to Max, I learned my lesson.
Cuc Tran
Nail Center
I have stayed with Max for 4 salons. I have used other people before, but I only trust Max to do my pricing and setup my salon. He gave the best price around, it stayed the same for so many years compare with other companies. Highly recommended!!
Dung Nguyen
Lush Nail Bar