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What is Digital Signage?

In today’s digital era, our surroundings are constantly evolving with the presence of Digital Signage, Billboards, and Marketing. Digital Signage has emerged as the modern method to showcase your services, promotions, specials, and news effectively. Consider this: the average nail salon appointment lasts anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, offering a prime opportunity to capture your customers’ attention. During this time, they can either engage with your content or divert their focus elsewhere. Digital signage presents the ideal solution to captivate their interest. Moreover, incorporating advertisements into your setup can also serve as a lucrative avenue for generating additional revenue.”

Professional Design

Our professional designers are here to help you make the most attractive design to showcase your products, services, and specials.

Increase income

Most people think visually and it's a new way to display your products & services. Research shows a 33% increase in sales when customers can see your services.

Simple Low Fee Cloud-Based Solution

We provide a simple Android Box for your TV. Plug in and all your design will automatically link to your TV.

How much does Digital Signage cost?

You can find our pricing details in the table below. What sets ZOTA apart is our commitment to offering superior quality at more affordable rates. Unlike many other companies that charge $600 per device for hardware, ZOTA offers the same for just $75 per device. Additionally, our monthly subscription fee is only $10 for the initial device, and subsequent devices are just $5 per month. You can always reach out to one of our sales team to provide you further information about the pricing and the hardware.  


Digital Signage Pricing List